Quality Control Services

In the construction business and struggling with the “Central approval” or need help to set up your business to deliver tender offers on public procurements?

Sanitek can help you find the right quality control system for your business, which is not only required to get the central approval, but can improve the HSE, deviation control and document control of your company.

For companies that already has a central approval, but has been notified by the Norwegian Building Authority (Direktoratet for byggkvalitet) about an upcoming audit there is also help to find. Sanitek can help you prepare and get ready for the audit beforehand. There is also no problem if you need assistance with this the audit meeting itself, dealing with the authorities and speaking “their” language. If you get any remarks we will help you fix your system so it complies with the demands.

Sanitek also has good experience with public procurements - both with getting the tenders approved, which can be a long and tedious process with all the documentation that is required, and by having the best winning tender to the job itself – as long as your price is right of course. Please send an inquiry and Sanitek can help you with the public bureaucracy.

Quality control services

Engineering Consultant Services

Sanitek provides consultancy services on power electronics and control systems. The company has been involved in different engineering activities and project development. Experience in migration projects for changing electrical monitoring systems or process control systems.

Several years of training and experience with the ABB System 800xA with a variety of controllers integrated in a safety and automation system.

Expertise with IEC61850 with GOOSE and ModbusTCP protocol communication.

Sanitek can also take responsibility for test processes (FAT/SAT, factory/site acceptance tests).

Please send a description of your projects needs and together we will find areas where Sanitek can be of service.

engineering consultant services


Sanitek is a company with a combined engineering experience of over 7 years. Sanitek provides different consultancy services in quality control, HSE, power electronics and control systems. Experience includes onshore, on-site and offshore projects.

Previous and current projects involve, but are not limited to, businesses in chemical industry, construction, oil and gas.

In 2016 Sanitek started working together with a newly started construction company, and managed in six months to get the company a level 2 “Central approval” and win their first public procurement.

Sanitek is proud to have been working for the following companies

  • Stadler + Schaaf Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH
  • The Dow Chemical Company
  • TNC Bygg AS
  • ABB AS


Morten Førde has a Bachelor degree in Electronics from Bergen University College, with a specialization in digital electronics and programming.

After graduation, he also completed some part time technical studies at the University of Agder next to his full-time job, to stay relevant in the technical field.

Morten has had extensive ABB training and work experience, and also holds experience as Project Lead for a team of 3-5 engineers